11 Things That You Absolutely Must Be Aware Of Regarding NOUN TMA First Semester 2024

The Tutors Mark Assignment (TMA) for the 2024–1 semester will be announced by the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) on January 14th, 2024. It is strongly recommended that all students submit their TMAs before the deadline for submission. Check out the timetable for submitting your TMA for the second semester of 2024 (TMA 1, TMA 2, and TMA 3).


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It is possible that you, as a first-year student at the National Open University of Nigeria, are perplexed or uncertain about the meaning of the word TMA. There is no need to be concerned since I will provide you with all the information you want on NOUN TMA and how to take TMA on the NOUN TMA site during the 2024_1 semester.


Things You Should Be Aware Of Regarding the Noun TMA

noun nursing programme

noun nursing programme

  1. A Tutor Marked Assignment is what the abbreviation TMA stands for. This is a technique of evaluation that is utilized by the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) to evaluate the students’ comprehension of the course materials as well as their capacity to apply what they have learnt that they have studied.
  2. A large amount of weight is given to TMA when it comes to the overall evaluation of the academic achievement of pupils. Due to the fact that it accounts for thirty percent of the total points for each course, it is an essential component that cannot be disregarded.
  3. In order to evaluate the students’ level of knowledge and comprehension of the subject matter covered in the course, TMA questions are devised. In order to achieve a good score, it is necessary to provide accurate responses to the questions.
  4. The submission of TMA is required by each and every student enrolled in NOUN. The deadline for the submission of the TMA is often given to the students through the student portal or through their own study communities.
  5. The correctness and quality of the answers that are submitted are taken into consideration for grading TMA. The grading method is based on a scale that ranges from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest possible grade allowed for each TMA.
  6. All of the questions on the TMA are multiple-choice. When responding to the questions, students are expected to produce responses that are both factual and succinct.
  7. When students have finished completing their TMAs, they will be able to receive their comments through the NOUN student TMA site. The grade that was earned is included in the feedback.
  8. TMA1, TMA2, and TMA3 are the three sets that make up a whole set. There are three TMA for a registered course, such as ENT409, for example. To be more specific, TMA1, TMA2, and TMA 3.
  9. There are ten questions in each TMA.
  10. A grade of ten is assigned to each TMA.
  11. For the purpose of your evaluation, your three TMA will be relied upon.
  12. Once your TMA questions have been submitted, you will no longer be able to view them.
  13. Prior to submitting TMA 1, you will not be able to see TMA 2. Along the same lines, you won’t be able to see TMA 3 until you have submitted TMA 2.

Having a high score on the TMA will go a long way toward improving your overall performance at the end of the day.


Within the framework of the NOUN academic curriculum, TMA is a crucial component. To ensure that students are aware of what it is, how to be ready for it, and the penalties of not submitting it on time, it is essential that they have this knowledge. Students can achieve higher levels of success in their TMAs and overall academic achievement if they adhere to the recommendations that are presented. more on Abuja real estate.


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