Useful Recommendations on How to Impress the College Admissions Committee

Hot Tips to Impress Admissions Officers

Colleges and universities are on the lookout for more than great academic scores. At the National Open University of Nigeria, most applicants will have excellent test scores, which means admissions decisions are usually based on other criteria.

One of the key factors is your ability to communicate easily. Many students believe that knowledge of the academic subject is everything. But the reality is that communication and knowledge always go hand in hand. You have to come up with some grandiose ideas and explain each so that the admissions officers understand and comprehend them.

Most higher education institutions require undergrads to prove their language skills by taking an approved test. What else is it that you can do to impress college or university admissions officers? We have some simple recommendations.

How to Impress the College Admissions Committee

Make the Best Impression in Your Personal Statement.

When it comes to the personal statement, you have to produce the so-called “mini-essay” that includes logical and well-structured paragraphs and sentences creating a standout personal statement.

To make sure that your statement is effective, ensure that it is:

  • Well-evidenced. It is important to provide solid evidence of all of your achievements as support for your points.
  • Well-structured. Arrange the points that you make in a logical order to make sure they flow well.
  • Zero mistakes. Ensure your personal statement doesn’t involve any grammar, punctuation, sentence construction, or spelling errors.
  • Make sure your tone of writing is one of a confident, mature, and positive person. It’s time to let your passion for the chosen subject, enthusiasm, professionalism, and personality come out. The best personal statements are the ones that will move the admissions officers, that’s the fact.

Writing is really difficult for most students. However, if you encounter any problems in the process, there are lots of companies out there to accept your “Do my essay online, please” requests. Online professionals will check your paper to detect all the errors and fix them to make the piece worth the highest praise.

Always Come Prepared.

It is important that you research the college or university the admissions counsellor is here to discuss. Make sure you can easily articulate all the reasons that stand behind your interest in this institution.

Check the program and the course that you are interested in, on-campus events, and extracurricular activities to come fully aware of everything that goes on in college.

Don’t Send Tons of Emails.

If you think that sending dozens of unsolicited emails to admissions officers is a good idea, make sure to think twice. The reality is that sending tons of text messages is similar to contacting your date that way three hours later after said date. You know what it is like.

Maybe you send emails like, “Hey, I am not sure if I was clear but I love your college, and it’s my biggest dream to become a student of one. Maybe, we have to meet again. Maybe tomorrow? Or, if tomorrow is too soon, next week?”

The message example is a bit exaggeration, but the idea is clear to you. Do not send loads of emails to admissions officers. If you choose to bombard them with your messages, you are more likely to creep these people out.

Master the Right Skills to Rock the Admissions Tests.

A lot of colleges and universities require potential students to take admissions tests. They are designed to test applicants’ essay writing and critical reading skills.

If you make sure to take an academic English language exam, you will have an opportunity to develop or boost the skills that you need to succeed in the admissions tests like:

  • Checking and scanning texts to find relevant information.
  • Reading quickly enough to understand what you have to do in the test.
  • Understanding the key ideas and topics in texts.
  • Choosing the most relevant ideas and discussing them briefly and clearly.
  • Writing well-structured essays.
  • Presenting strong arguments and supporting conclusions.

Submit Early.

One of the best ways to impress the admissions committee straight away is by submitting your application as early as you can. By being proactive, you show that you don’t like to procrastinate. At the same time, you also give college admissions more time to check your information while dozens of applications are only about to come.

At this point, your accomplishments, interests, and traits are more likely to stand out and hook the college committee’s attention when they are not up to their neck in applications.

At the same time, you have to keep in mind that while submitting early is a good idea, you don’t have to rush through the process. As a result, you can play it pretty fast and loose.

Show You Can Solve Problems.

The admissions officers would be pleased to know that you’re a great problem-solver. In other words, you have to show that you can solve problems and use your experience in real-world settings.

This is especially beneficial if you can show initiative and plan to start a campus club or any other service in the college community.

Talk about Your Well-Rounded Background.

Colleges and universities like to admit students that have a wide range of extracurricular activities. Do you dance and sing in the choir? Or, perhaps, you’re a part of a sports team or some language club? It is highly recommended to include a group or activity that is somehow related to your future major.

The key is to be a participatory and active member of your academic community. No matter what group or activity you represent, the importance lies in the fact that you’re a part of the school community even when the school hours are over. This is solid proof that you can properly juggle your college schedule and extracurricular activities.

If you’re in your high school junior year, make sure to sign up for some interested class or activity straightaway. Admissions officers will like you more if you do something extracurricular.

Be Impressive!

To make sure college admissions will pay attention to your application in the applicant pool, make sure to do the following tricks at the interview stage:

  • Be confident. If there’s anything that you do not understand, never hesitate to ask the interviewer to provide explanations and speak more slowly if the interview is held in English.
  • Be a good listener. When you hear this or that question, ensure to think why exactly they asked you one and what the admissions officers want to know from you.
  • Express yourself clearly. Any slang is taboo. Make sure to use professional language only. Be enthusiastic, confident, and positive.
  • Show that you can think clearly. Argue your point logically and give well-thought points.

The tips given above won’t necessarily guarantee that you get fully enrolled as a college or university student.

However, following them may help you distinguish your personality from the other applicants. Admissions officers want to get as many details on the applicants as possible in order to make the right decisions.

Your interview will give them a clear idea of where or not you are going to succeed in the chosen school. By following these eight recommendations, potential applicants will become more familiar to the admissions committee, which may convince them to accept students to a particular institution.

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