NOUN Admission Letter – Samples, Print, Reprint or Download for 2023

NOUN admission letter – Here is everything you need to know about the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN admission letter, including its sample, NOUN University Admission Letter, how to check Noun admission letter, how to download NOUN admission letter, how to get and retrieve NOUN admission letter.

Best Time to Print NOUN Admission Letter?

Ideally, the best time to print noun admission letter is immediately after you have completed the National Open University admission application, because the admission form will be requested by the school’s Admission board when you go for your clearance and screening exercise.

However, for candidates/students who may have missed printing their admission letter at the first stage of Noun admission process, you still have the opportunity to print, retrieve, download it.

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Take note that this NOUN Admission letter printing guide will easily show you, how to print new NOUN Admission letters and how you can easily Reprint NOUN admission letters.

How To Print Noun Admission Letter 2023/2024.

1. The first step is to visit the National Open University website – Take note that this is the same website you visited during the admission registration/application. Previously, the official website was ““, but now, it’s

2. When the portal loads up (Nouonline homepage), you are to search for the “APPLY FOR ADMISSION” button and Choose either to Apply for:

noun admission letter


Take note that you MUST choose the option that best describes you. It does not necessarily mean that you’re reapplying for NOUN admission. So you don’t have to worry when following this step.

3. Take note that on the next page after you’ve selected the program you applied for as described in the image above, click on the “REPRINT” button and choose to rePrint 2023/2024 Undergraduate Application form. Take note that you should ONLY print the Admission letter that applies to you.

noun admission letter reprint

The NOUN UNDERGRADUATE PRINTING OPTION was used as an example. Yours could be a Postgraduate or a PhD. Programme.

4. The next step is for you to type in the RRR Number (The RRR number is what you used for payment of the NOUN admission form) and the NOUN Unique Id or Code generated for you during the Admission application form submission.

how to download noun admission letter

After typing in the correct details, simply click on the “SUBMIT” button. It is very important for you to note here that the requested credentials must be entered correctly so as to move to the next stage of admission letter printing.

5. Click on the “PROCEED” button after filling out the provided form.

6. The next page shows you, the link to download/print it. Simply click on the “PRINT ADMISSION LETTER” option.

Good luck.

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