NOUN TMA New Website for GST – TMAs Login and How to Submit TMA

NOUN Portal TMA New Website for GST TMAs: This is the official National Open University TMA new website where registered students, both newly admitted students and returning students, can log in to submit their TMA.

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Using this medium, the NOUN portal would love to inform and notify members of the general public, that the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN management has moved TMAs of GST Courses from the nouonline student portal ( to a New Noun portal TMA access link for all the GST TMAs.

Students of this great institution should take note that this new NUN TMA login portal (GST Portal for short) is mainly for the login and Submission of NOUN GST Courses like the GST107, GST707, GST202, etc.

The NOUN Portal TMA Login Page for GST Courses.

First, you need to know that the new NOUN portal (site) is at Take note that this website will provide you the necessary information you need.

However, this page will be providing you the step by step procedure on how to log on to the CE & GS platform so as to have access to the following:

  • NOUN GST Learning Audio/Video,
  • GST Course materials,
  • Online facilitation,
  • GST TMA Portal.

NOUN GST TMA Portal Login Guidelines for New Students

  • Students should note that the Username to log into this portal for every student is his/her matriculation number.
  • While the Password is the matriculation number in lower case (Small letters).
  • Take note that once you’ve successfully login for the first time, you will be forced to change your password.
  • Take note that you need to upload a new passport immediately you log into your tma portal.
  • Next, you need to read through the GST Modules as directed before you can have access to the GST Course TMA link provided above.
  • Finally, you can see the TMAs on the course page but they will not be enabled until you have completely read the modules.

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Preview the NOUN GST TMA Portal Information.

noun gst tma new portal

Finally, if you have any questions, inquires, don’t hesitate to use the comment box and reach us, we are always willing and ready to answer your questions to the best of our knowledge.

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